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The First 15 Minutes   by Ryan Deto LA Weekly Photos from the week of November 24, 2011

"I think there will be looting and rioting right after it happens," Gooday predicts.

With streets in the Spring Street area filled with rubble and crushed cars, and no way to call for aid, word spreads among those trying to help victims: The California Hospital Medical Center, the only hospital in downtown proper (White Memorial Medical Center is in Boyle Heights, across the L.A. River, and County USC Medical Center is three and half miles away), is 12 blocks away, close enough to go for help.

Little do they know that California Hospital Medical Center is ground zero for its own disaster. Figueroa Street, Pico Boulevard and Grand Avenue near the hospital are at a standstill, with some 20,000 fans converging on the area for a 7:30 p.m. Katy Perry concert at Staples Center when the quake hits. That panicked mass ha ... Читать дальше »
Категория: Los Angeles | Просмотров: 248 | Добавил: rostowskaja | Дата: 03.12.2013

The First 15 Minutes   by Ryan Deto LA Weekly Photos from the week of November 24, 2011

Peggy Gooday sits paralyzed on her sofa as the world outside shrieks with an unearthly roar. The sound of millions of bits of lumber, metal, concrete and glass twisting and shattering echoes as downtown Los Angeles plunges into darkness. Gooday's TV is launched off its pedestal and smashes at her feet. Paintings jump from their hangers. Her clattering cup of tea falls off the coffee table and splashes onto her carpet.

Gooday's eighth-floor apartment in the historic Alexandria Hotel at Fifth and Spring streets is convulsing like a paint shaker, and her emotions race from fear to fascination and back. All she can do is sit, immobile, in her suddenly pitch-dark domicile.

Gooday says: "I would probably try to grab my ... Читать дальше »
Категория: Los Angeles | Просмотров: 261 | Добавил: rostowskaja | Дата: 03.12.2013

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