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Didnay studio

The Shakespeare Bridge serves as a gateway to Franklin Hills along Franklin Avenue between Talmadge Avenue and St George Streets. Originally build in 1926, the Gothic style bridge was designated as Historic-Cultural Monument #126 in 1974. After the Northridge earthquake, the bridge was retrofitted but rebuilt in a way to preserve its historic appearance.

Franklin Hills is a unique community which is particularly pedestrian friendly, at least if you''re up for a real work out. The Franklin Hills Public Stairway system consists of a series of 14 staircases originally built in the 1920''s to provide homeowners with pedestrian access to the trolley lines below. The trolley is no longer, but residents and visitors alike still use the stairways for exercise and as shortcuts from one section of the neighborhood to another

Shakespeare Bridge in Los Feliz carries Franklin Avenue over the ravine containing Monon Street between St. George Street and Myra Avenue.

Skunk -Skunks are slow-moving mammals and members of the weasel family, not wanting to be bothered, which is why removal may be difficult. They are commonly identified by their jet-black fur with one or more white stripes running down their backs. One skunk species looks as though it is wearing a hood, with neck hair spread out into a ruff. Other skunks are spotted instead of striped. Humans are often frightened of skunks because of their ability to spray a foul and pungent skunk odor to defend against predators. A striped skunk will be about as big as a house cat.

Los Feliz

Los Feliz

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Anyway, ranting aside, Franklin Hills is a secret gem, and has been somewhat immune to the recent price drops. Its a neighborhood that dates back to the days when the original Disney studios where just down the slope, and the area was called Skunk Hill. Lots of those critters still roam the streets, along with a coyote or two


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